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Kyle is a born and bred Saffa who discovered the wonderful world of wine as a holiday job at the tender age of 16. Since then there is nothing else that Kyle has ever done besides getting every aspect of himself divulged in wine (literally from head to toe)!

Kyle began his journey at the prestigious and award-winning Spier Wine Farm in Stellenbosch, South Africa, where he began educating visitors in the tasting room as a start, and then onto the wine production team. Over the course of 8 years in the wine industry of South Africa and 7 years with The Flying Winemaker, Kyle has built up his experience to try cover every nook and cranny the wine world throws at him.

His primary focus has been involved in wine production, however, he has also been seen in and around many other aspects of the job such working vines, to marketing and wine education as well as representing The Flying Winemaker at trade events. He also plays an instrumental role in making sure all our wines get across the oceans and to our respective markets.

On a winemaking front, besides completing vintages in South Africa & Australia, he has also been out and about, getting in the thick of things and learning about other winemaking cultures and techniques in New Zealand, Portugal, USA & China.
Basically, Kyle is our resident Wine Dude!
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