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Eddie McDougall Wines

Eddie McDougall Wines

A 4.5/5 star winery rated by James Halliday

With over a decade of winemaking experience, Eddie has worked with some of the most influential wineries in the New and Old World including the likes of Vietti and Innocent Bystander. In 2010 the young winemaker took his first step as a young entrepreneur, creating his own brand, Eddie McDougall wines. Eddie’s collection of fine wines have regularly obtained 90+ ratings and won medals at international wine competitions.

To recognize the region where he produces most of his wines, Eddie McDougall decided the most suitable logo for his wines made there would be a gold foil crown. Eddie is not claiming to be the king but he wants the world to know something about the prestige of the region where his wines hail from. Being proud of King Valley, and excited by its Italian heritage, Eddie continues to source grapes from top growers in the region in order to produce wines that are genuinely approachable and definitive of the region’s varietals.

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